Day trip Kub
Day trip to ‘Schutztruppen’ station Kub
The German ‘Schutztruppe’ suffered its first attack by 300 Nama warriors on their outpost Kub in 1904 and 13 German troops perished during the skirmishes.
Kub played a mayor role in the Afrikaner history since the first Afrkaans school was opened in 1903. In later days after the deterioration of Kub as an outpost,

  the school was used as a rehabilitation centre for tuberculosis patients. as a rehabilitation centre for tuberculosis patients.  
The ‘Schutztruppen’ buildings later functioned as a hotel and shop for the surrounding farmers.
A big variety of these ruins can be viewed on the Lamprecht’s farm on the edge of the Fish River as well as 2 historic grave yards. The area is also a birders paradise since over 300 species of birds can be spotted there at certain times.

Furthermore we offer day excursions, on short notice, to one of the many surrounding guest farms, scenic flights over the Fish River Canyon and much more. For more information, please contact us.