Maltahöhe Hotel anno 1907
The little town of Maltahöhe on the edge of the Schwarzrand plateau was founded in 1899 by Henning von Burgsdorf, who in those days was governor of the Gibeon district in southern German South West Africa. Named after his wife Malta the settlement was mainly established as a trade outpost for farmers operating in the area and as a small garrison for the Schutztruppe. In 1904 Maltahöhe boasted five houses and in 1907 the company G. Hesselmann of Gibeon erected the first building of the Maltahöhe Hotel on 1000 square meters.
In 1911 Hesselmann retired and the hotel was run in his name by Hermann Henning, who purchased another 800 square meters to erect a residence for himself and which today is still occupied by the current owners. 1913 another 800 square meters were added.
After the German surrender in 1915 the hotel saw 3 owners until 1932, one of them Carl Otto Westphal who went insolvent during the great depression.
  The widow Hesselmann installed Hermann Rübenstrunk on the 16th of January 1932 as manager. Rübenstrunk obtained ownership in 1936 and stayed in Maltahöhe until 1956 when Alex Sentefol and his wife Else took over the hotel. 1971 the hotel was first graded and got one star. In those days bed and breakfast cost the weary traveller R 3.00, lunch set you back 60 cents and dinner could be ordered from 70 cents per meal.  
  After the death of her husband in the early seventies, Else Sentefol sold the Hotel to family Werthmann in 1975. They ran it for two and a half years and after that for a short while the establishment was in the hands of family Boshoff. Under the auspices of Hanjörg von Fischer until 1984, the Hotel was bought by Ingo Walter in 1982 and from October 1984 onwards Manfred and Gerda Schreiner were at the helm of the operation. This couple who established an international reputation for good service had to resign due to health reasons.  
  In July 2004 Arno Rahn and his sister Heike took over the establishment. In June 2005 Arno and his partner Gert Heussen bought the hotel from Ingo Walter and invested into the renovation and expansion of the premises and its surroundings.
In 2007 the hotel will commemorate its 100th anniversary and a lot of festivities are planned.