"Ox Wagon"
"Ox Wagon"
The last 5 ton freight ox wagon which was built in Maltahoehe by the blacksmith Albert Maraun, to the order of mr. Hans Gebser about eighty years ago, was purchased by us and restored to its former glory by Gert Heussen, Jonny Haindongo, Paulus Iyambo, Ottmar Keresztesi, Jakobus Kooper and Esau Kooper. To return it to its place of birth we plan a home coming party by towing it from the farm where it stands, to its last resting place in front of our hotel.

...and after restoration!
This occasion we aim to coincide with a massive cleaning up operation of the village and its surroundings, in cooperation with the village council and other voluntaries, so to make Maltahoehe an attractive sight again for all visitors.
- For more information see News 20.05.07
- For more information see News 04.04.07